This is a really pretty picture. Make me want to snuggle :[ Spoon, really.

Mike /// http://twitter.com/mroach
2010-10-31 @ 17:18:30

åh älskar din blåbärsrumpa

(haha mannen ovan vill så ha dig<3)

Joanna /// http://soundbox.blogg.se/
2010-10-31 @ 18:40:14
2010-11-04 @ 20:35:28

Hello! I was wondering if anyone could help me by giving me some arabic preyers so I can copy them out as I am making a torah for school! Please email me or reply on this Guestbook! Thank you! I love the website by the way!

Kimalba /// http://kimalba.blogimagine.com
2012-06-29 @ 09:34:54